Balance rations for sheep and lambs anywhere, on any computer.

Access from any computer

A web-based application accessible from any computer, anywhere, that enables you to balance rations for sheep and lambs. By using all of SheepBytes features you can evaluate feedstuffs and related animal productivity; helping to lower feed costs.

SheepBytes isn’t software you need to install; it runs on your web browser

Browsers to use for top performance:
  • Google Chrome (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Mozilla Firefox 8 or newer (PC, Mac, Linux)
Other browsers tested suffer performance issues and are to be used at your own risk.

Total flock nutrition management

Using SheepBytes, you can formulate rations for mature ewes and rams, replacement ewe lambs and ram lambs, early weaned lambs, growing lambs and finishing lambs. SheepBytes is based on the latest Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants (NRC 2007) and takes into consideration various environmental conditions, body weights, and body condition scores. With SheepBytes you can balance for all major nutrients and most micronutrients. SheepBytes can alert you to nutritional deficiencies and excesses that can compromise milk production, lamb grown, fertility, and lamb survival.

Management and operational information

SheepBytes can do more than just balance a ration. SheepBytes does the calculations for you and generates printable reports for:

  • Batch mixes for grains or supplements or total mixed rations
  • Feed wastage during feeding
  • Combined feed inventory for select animal groups
  • Nutrients from water that can influence nutrient requirements

An extensive feed ingredient library is included

Or you have the option to customize your own library of feeds that you use on your farm. Individual feed ingredients vary due to geographical location and, of course, market price. SheepBytes has included a comprehensive listing, by category, on the average nutrient analyses, for some common and not so common feed ingredients. These options enable SheepBytes users to balance rations to meet specific conditions using many feed options.

Calculates the cost of the ration, including yardage costs

SheepBytes is not a least cost formulation program. SheepBytes first meets the nutritional requirements of the specific class of sheep entered. The cost of the rations can be controlled by the user depending on your choice of feeds and the availability and cost of feed ingredients in your area. Many Canadian flocks are managed on locally grown forages, grains and crop by-products. Those feed products vary widely in price and nutrients from one year to the next due to supply and demand and environmental factors.

Track and evaluate feed related costs

SheepBytes performs calculations of and printable reports for:

  • Feed costs on a pen or feeding period basis
  • Cost per pound of gain
  • Targeted average daily gain to assist making marketing or production cycle decisions
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Commercial user is $200 for the first year and $100 for renewals
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Accommodates different kinds of users

The program has specialised versions for individual producers or commercial users. Individual users can generate unlimited and store 25 rations. Commercial users enjoy the added benefits of:

  • being able to handle and store client information.
  • generate and store multiple rations in folders with an unlimited ration capacity.
  • being able to e-mail reports in PDF format to share between clients.
  • for academic institutes, easily accessible training accounts to make multiple student use possible.