Why ration balancing software?

Feed cost is the highest cost in producing a lamb. Ration balancing, feed testing, good feeding systems, feed waste monitoring, body condition scoring, flock health management are all essential tools in profitable sheep operations.

Why not use paper and pencil to formulate rations like we used to?

Electronic technology is changing the shepherds' toolkit. There are growing numbers of larger, more competitively managed lamb production businesses. This trend will continue. The magic of software is that it takes a huge amount of data and analyzes it almost instantly providing information the flock manager can use in daily decisions or annual planning.

Can I purchase my subscription the old fashioned way?

Please consider purchasing your subscription using the automated credit card method, you will have access to your account in minutes versus days. Manual subscriptions may be made by sending a cheque made out to:

Alberta Lamb Producers
Agriculture Centre
97 East Lake Ramp NE
Airdrie AB T4V 0C3
Please include the email address you used to register for your SheepBytes account.

How many rations can I make?

As an individual user, you can generate unlimited rations and can store twenty-five. Commercial users enjoy the ability to generate and store multiple rations in folders with an unlimited ration capacity.

What technology do you need to run SheepBytes?

For best performance we highly recommend using a current version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers tested suffer performance issues and are to be used at your own risk.

We recommend a screen resolution of at least 1280x1024 or you will spend a lot of time scrolling.
Tip: zoom in and out by pressing CTRL + or CTRL - respectively, CTRL 0 will return to default zoom level

Why can't I formulate a ration that has no red cells showing up?

A red cell can indicate either a nutrient deficiency or a nutrient excess. Red cells should always prompt serious thought on the part of the user. Nutrient deficiencies can most often be corrected by including in the ration some specific feeds or supplements that are good sources of that nutrient. However, a number of home grown feeds have nutrient levels far in excess of animal requirement’s and when used in the ration it will not be possible to get that nutrient to a level in the ration that displays as green or yellow. Examples of this would be the calcium or potassium levels in alfalfa hay.

How long do I have to renew my subscription after it expires?

To take advantage of the reduced renewal pricing you must renew within 30 days of your subscription expiring. After that you can re-subscribe at the full subscription price. Your data will be retained no matter how long your subscription is expired but you won't have access to it until you re-subscribe.